Date Originally Written: 18th November 2016

Date Published on 16th February 2018 



Lol. I was stuck in wonderful Lagos traffic yesterday (Well technically  speaking on Friday the 18th of November 2016. I wrote this note the day after.)

So one of those annoying I didn’t beg you window cleaners came and started cleaning the car windscreen.

I calmly sat and watched him. When he was done he started doing the *beg for money dance*. (Only fellow Lagosians and people in certain parts of the world can truly understand what I mean by this) The GIF below should give you a visual.





I kept a straight face but for some reason, I badly wanted to laugh. When he finally realised I wasn’t going to give him anything aka money, aka something light, his true colour showed and he sprayed soapy water on the driver’s side of the windscreen so I could not see.


How very mature.



I just laughed and put on the wipers and drove off my merry way.



Sorry for the “bad language” but these are the little things that make it challenging to be a Christian generally speaking. My normal reaction would have been to flip him off but as a baby geh for the Lord I just had to ignore and laugh it off. Abi na?


Why is my patience always tested in Lagos traffic? Biko, But why? 😭


I talk about this again in My Infamous Okada Story

Feel free to read that post if you haven’t done so and see that you have to actually be a Saint to drive in Lagos.


Have an awesome weekend Y’all and see you on Monday.


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